Post Every Day – How To Thrive In a Dental Recession

Post Every Day

You should be posting something on social media every day from within your office or within your home. We have encouraged you to do this on a regular basis, but now it is more crucial than ever. Why? It shows you are still in business and that you are available when your patients need you most. If you aren’t sure about what to post, here are some ideas:

  1. Post pictures or videos sending your well wishes & updates.
  2. Highlight how your team is dealing with their kids being out of school.
  3. Share what your favorite Netflix series is right now.
  4. Support local businesses.

Whatever you do, remember that your goal is to captivate your audience. Especially during this time, your audience will appreciate a little escape. NOW WOULD BE AN AMAZING TIME TO JUMP ON SOCIAL MEDIA IF YOU AREN’T ALREADY THERE.

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