How We Can Plan For Tomorrow – How To Thrive In a Dental Recession

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Measure Success

It can be hard to measure success, especially when we have so much data. Before we dive into likes, bounce rates, shares, new visitors versus recurring visitors, phone call count, etc. we should look at and know these numbers:

  1. Phone conversion for marketing patients by campaign
  2. Cost per lead by campaign
  3. Cost per acquisition by campaign
  4. ROI (ROI = Net Profit / Total Investment * 100) by campaign
  5. Long-term ROI vs Short-term ROI

Offer Flexible Hours

When it’s time for everyone to go back to normal life the last thing your patients will want to do is miss work for a dental appointment. Everyone should strongly consider implementing early, late and weekend hours.

Dental Stimulus Plan

A stimulus package is needed in these tough times, but we can’t expect to receive a bailout for dentists. Because of this, we’ll need to do it ourselves. Most people are not as concerned with contracting the coronavirus, but more so how it is affecting their employment, their home buying/selling value, and their businesses. Now how is this affecting web traffic? It’s completely the opposite, everybody is at home! Web traffic has increased dramatically. With a 20% increase in overall web traffic, and your competition slowing down their marketing efforts, there has never been a better time to capitalize on a shifting market. How can you take advantage of this? By having a game plan.

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